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More praise for Madam Tulip!

” Snarky dialog and quips, great characters, terrific settings (Dublin! Yay!) and nicely-delivered humor. “

” If you’re up for a funny, well-written genre mashup with memorable characters and a great sense of voice and style, I’d recommend Madam Tulip.” –

” If you’ve ever found yourself musing that Bridget Jones or Sex and the City could use a bit of paranormal murder, then Madam Tulip may be the book for you.”

“But the real charm of this story… (relies on) …the witty prose and quirky tone of the dialogue, which bring the reader headlong into Derry’s world.”

“Ahern keeps the laughs coming from beginning to end…” – Ryan Collins (The Bandwagon)

“Derry is a brilliant and authentic character… so original and engaging and has so many “laugh out loud” moments.” – AoibhReads

“A wonderful read for a rainy Sunday afternoon curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and cuddle throw” – theaddictionofbooks

“The excitement of the conclusion kept me riveted. A well balanced tale that twists and turns, keeping the reader guessing.” – mikestheaterofthemind