Serpent Reviews

'Madam Tulip and the Serpent's Tree' by David AhernWhat reviewers are saying about ‘The Serpent’s Tree’

“In the “Madame Tulip” universe, this story’s a winner.”
“…a darned good read.”
“The best book in the series so far. Highly recommended.”  –  Goodreads Reviewer Gordon

“…my favorite tale yet!”
“From page one, it is impossible not to be drawn in.”
“The twists, the characters and the pace make for completely engaging reading!”
“Lots of wit, some pretty distinguished characters, some brilliantly entertaining scenes and a mystery that remains hidden until the end!” TomeTender

“…a fantastic blend of characters.”
“I was still biting my nails throughout!”
“…a fun and fast read.”Book blogger Jill Elizabeth

“…a treat in store for you.”
“I can’t binge on the absolutely bingeworthy Madam Tulip series because I obsessively grab each new book the second I can get my hands on it.” Author and Blogger Barb Taub

“Take the plunge, you’ll be glad you did.”
“It’s just a pleasure to read one of these books.”
“The best one yet in this series.” Book blogger The Irresponsible Reader

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“Another really good read.”
“Fast paced and suspenseful.”gbmysteries

“The characters really are superb here.”
“a clever blend of psychic and mundane investigation, and plenty of
exciting action.”bookshineandreadbows

“The characters are very charismatic, intriguing.”The Book Inspector

“Another great mystery, which I thoroughly recommend.” – blogger Another Blogging Mummy

“I was absolutely hooked from page 1.”
“A great mystery that surprised me in the end, lots of character development, and fun humor. 5 stars for this one!” – caroleraesrandomramblings

“The book is fun, fast-paced…”
“Derry is super funny.”nadanessinmotion

“…engaging and enjoyable …extremely visual and witty.”
“Diverse and colourful characters are fabulously realised.”
“…a very atmospheric and dramatic conclusion.” – betweenthelines