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madamtulip3d-200x200-copyWhat reviewers are saying about ‘Madam Tulip’

“Oh my word, this book was so good! I absolutely loved it!”
“…Madam Tulip is great! Read it!!!!”

“Hours of enjoyment, laugh-out-loud moments, nail-nibbling tension and just plain fun.” – Renaissance writer

“Simply fantastic!”
“A funny enjoyable mystery liberally sprinkled with the pure gold of Irish wit and humour.” – bitsaboutbooks

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“Totally,totally delightful.” – cnkbookreviews

“Ahern writes with a light, but confident, touch. It’s well-paced, and it kept me very engaged.” – irresponsiblereader.com

“The plot … corners like it’s on rails” – tometender

” … a wee holiday from reality ….  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I would recommend it for a beach near you come the summer holidays.” – wellwrittentooshort.com

“A really good start to what will be a really good series.” – paperbackreadingandmore

“Madam Tulip is pure entertainment, striking an ideal balance of comedy and suspense, with a cast of delightful eccentrics flailing their way through a gripping adventure that culminates in a satisfyingly cataclysmic conclusion.” – thenewpodlerreviews

” Snarky dialog and quips, great characters, terrific settings (Dublin! Yay!) and nicely-delivered humor. ”
” If you’re up for a funny, well-written genre mashup with memorable characters and a great sense of voice and style, I’d recommend Madam Tulip.” –

” If you’ve ever found yourself musing that Bridget Jones or Sex and the City could use a bit of paranormal murder, then Madam Tulip may be the book for you.”

“But the real charm of this story… (relies on) …the witty prose and quirky tone of the dialogue, which bring the reader headlong into Derry’s world.”
“Ahern keeps the laughs coming from beginning to end…”
Ryan Collins (The Bandwagon)

“Derry is a brilliant and authentic character… so original and engaging and has so many “laugh out loud” moments.” – AoibhReads

“A wonderful read for a rainy Sunday afternoon curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and cuddle throw.” – theaddictionofbooks

“The excitement of the conclusion kept me riveted. A well balanced tale that twists and turns, keeping the reader guessing.” – mikestheaterofthemind

“It reminded me of a warm cosy mystery that was gentle and funny at the same time.” – brewandbooksreview

“…the most delightful heroine you can imagine.” – whisperingstories

“…a mischievous tale of mystery and fun”
“Madam Tulip is a perfect read for those days when you want nothing more than to lose yourself in a bit of fun. ” –

“…the perfect blend of cosy mystery and comedy which will keep you entertained from start to finish.”
“Madam Tulip by David Ahern will have you laughing and playing detective at the same time.” –

“Cosy down with a hot chocolate and a packet of digestive
“He continually made me giggle, which I love in a book.” –

“Thrilling and fast paced, it makes for an exciting read that you’ll struggle to put down.” – buchellibooks

“It was enjoyable, entertaining and I recognized a certain charm about the whole setting. The pace was good and everyone out there that loves a little thrill and mystery will enjoy this book.” – CoverToCover

‘It is charming, fast-paced and not serious at all, a perfect pizza for your brain.’ – Portable Pieces of Thoughts

“Ahhhh what a lot of fun that was!” – caroleraesrandomramblings

“The characters are quirky, the writing is witty, the dialogue funny” – beinganne

“Simply fantastic!…A funny enjoyable mystery liberally sprinkled with the pure gold of Irish wit and humour” – bitsaboutbooks

“If you like a bit of mystery, adventure, crime, friendship and strange parents then give this first book a try.”mariesbookboutique

“…a well constructed mystery with some real tension alongside the humour.” – hairpastafreckle

“A lovely comfortable read.” – damppebbles

“a classic who-dun-it story.”
“Each character was crafted wonderfully and they all were unique”
“I would recommend this book to anyone” – rachelpoli.com

“…it’s really entertaining, with a plethora of odd-ball characters and a really endearing protagonist.”
“…the characters are a delight. I wouldn’t have stayed up so late reading otherwise.”
“Give this one a go, my dear readers. You will love it!” – readsandreels

“A thrilling read that kept me on my toes right until the end.”
“I found this story a great fun crime read.” – emilywilliamsauthor

“A great read for these cold autumn evenings.” – BookInspector

“Made me laugh out loud”
“Such a light-touch comedic writing is hard to do well. Ahern manages it brilliantly.”  booksandwinegums

“…genuine warmth and humour”
“I highly recommend this to fans of cosy mysteries “
“Madam Tulip’s adventures has shot straight to the top of my personal wish list” – bookshineandreadbows

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